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Your portfolio goes through our test of 7 parameters- Return, Risk, Diversification, Liquidity, Quality, Valuation, and Current Financial Trend.

Is your portfolio outperforming the market?


How risky is your portfolio?


Are you exposed to the risk of a concentrated portfolio?


How liquid is your portfolio?


Are you holding good quality stocks ?


Are your portfolio stocks still attractive to hold?

Financial Trend

Are your portfolio stocks growing?


We believe you have many choices. Portfolio tracking tools are many and almost all do what they promise, track your portfolio.

Our belief stems from possibilities that emerge not from tracking but analysing every opportunity that hides underneath your choices. All these opportunities have potential of making money or reducing loses. We have combined all possible ways of finding such opportunities and created this Portfolio Analyser just keeping one thing in mind- “Opportunities exists everywhere and for everyone, very few find it and fewer act on it. The ones who find and act on it make the big difference.”

That is the difference we hope to create for you with this Analyser.

Here are few examples from what you will experience once you become a part of creating that difference

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Short term lucky or long term winner….

Investing in right stocks may make you lucky in short term but Investing in right stock with discipline will surely make you the long term winner. We use the same approach to analyse your portfolio on 7 Key Parameters of - Returns, Risk, Liquidity, Diversification, Quality, Valuation and Current Financial Trend. So align, align and realign till all your dots turn “Green” would be worth it.

How good are your returns and how do you know it?…

Why to compare your portfolio with Nifty when your portfolio is a mix of large as well as small cap stocks: We create a specific Composite Index just for you, basis the kind of stocks you hold. So if you have a mix of large, mid and small cap stocks, your composite benchmark will get computed basis your diverse holdings fully customised just for you. Now you can compare your performance not just with Nifty/Sensex but also with your own Composite Benchmark and also with the top Mutual Funds.

Dividend a part of your portfolio strategy, but is it working? Instead of going through list of emails from companies and calculating your dividend earned, we track your transactions and include your dividends earned in the total returns you have made.

Buying or Selling, inflows or outflows, everything matters…

We create a daily NAV of your portfolio which you can use to track your performance against various benchmarks and various time periods. Why a daily NAV? Well, It gives you returns accessed post cash flow adjustments, considering your inflows & outflows, buying & selling actions. All you need to do is input your transactions diligently.

If you are taking that risk, make sure it pays off…

Many investors ignore the risk that they are taking in the stock market. We firmly believe that risk and return go hand in hand and strive to provide a comprehensive analysis and breakup of riskiness of your portfolio and the return you are generating in lieu of that. Check your risk-reward balance after we provide you portfolio risk analysis of Allocation, Volatility, Beta and VAR.

Sometimes when you want to sell, no one wants to buy or give that price…

Markets volumes go through their own underlying play while you may not even see that as a problem. Track the liquidity of your stocks so that if a part of your portfolio needs to be liquidated in a hurry, you know which stocks may hurt. You don't want to get stuck or liquidate at a lower price then what stock price may be quoting.

Diversification of your holdings, is it really that important…

Extremely! factors like concentration, high exposure to any specific sector or stocks can shift the balance of your risk-return paradigm. These factors quietly seep in and make your portfolio a certain “type”. Look at what you want and accordingly relaxing your portfolio. Nothing is good or bad provided you know if it works for you. The bottomline is…does it work for you?

Listen to all your friends and experts... but with a caution.

Many times we buy stocks basis recommendation of friends and family without realising how the stock fits into the overall profile of the portfolio and whether it is helping your diversification or hurting it. We help you analyse how the various components of your portfolio fit together. There are numerous expert recommendation going around. Does it work for you or not ?, and see the most successful experts giving recommendations on your stocks with their track records.

Your portfolio is now Mojofied…

Get analysis of Mojo dots of all your portfolio stocks in one place

On the contrary Taxation is all about making money…

Assess the taxability of your portfolio stocks and view your past years’ capital gains tax with breakup. Look at your every day post tax returns and holding period on every stock. Plan that selling right and plan your taxes better.

We know you are busy and hence we are always on standby…

Never miss the action of what happened during the day: We track your portfolio throughout the day so even if you check your portfolio only after office hours, you will know the highlights of how your stocks and your portfolio did across all parameters.

And finally, you want your table as you have always been given…

Tired of all the analysis, just scroll down to the portfolio table to see various cuts and data points together and build your own analysis be it daily or long term, be it price or financials, be it data or analysis.

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