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Real-time portfolio performance and tracking!

Get a 360° view of your investments in one place. All you need to do is upload your portfolio and allow us to track your stocks with our powerful tools.

With Portfolio Tracker, you can:

  • View your portfolio's performance in real time and track your holdings effortlessly.
  • Unlock our advanced stock advisory features and make smarter investment decisions.

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We have generated multibagger after multibagger for the last 5 years now

  • We will give you top stocks through out the year

    Only around 1% of all stocks can qualify in our top stock basket

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Filters

    Along with a high stock rating the stocks also have to be approved by our Investment Committee to ensure only the best stocks qualify

  • Best Stocks in Large Cap to Micro Cap Segments​

    Get the best stocks in all market cap categories and the top-rated stocks across the market

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Highly Rated Stocks are picked from across the Market to form our Top Mojo Stocks

Get Advisory on all stocks with in-depth real time Verdict and Switcher Reports

1 Best Investment Idea each month hand picked by our CIO with a detailed investment case

Powerful Screener to combine Mojo Parameters with your own to find stocks which match your Investment Style

TRADING 80 – Our Success Stories

Trading80 is our most popular and sought-after service. Our data is monitored on a real-time basis and new calls and change in existing calls will be live- streamed directly to your desktop and mobile screens. We also send you email and mobile notifications to keep you updated on the go.



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What Our Clients Say About Us

@Marketsmojo excellent foundation for retail Investors who don't have technical knowledge, and time for research. Just put your money on top 10 mojo stocks, returns will follow. Thanks @Marketsmojo have built my portfolio on your recommendations only.
Rahul Kothari
I must admit @Marketsmojo parameters of recommending stocks are highly efficient in terms of gains (short or long both) .The portfolio optimiser does wonders for a long term investor. Quality of a company is little tricky to judge but they do it for you. Quite impressive @Braveant
Sameer Goel
Hey @Marketsmojo...Thanks a ton ..super liked the newly launched Verdict functionality ...please keep growing on such strengths to add value to your customers.
Turtle Investing & Breakout Trading
@Marketsmojo your model portfolio is amazing.. extremely satisfied with your services.
Bhavesh Thakker
I have become a member recently for 3 years and enjoying the quality and unbiased recommendations and analysis you are providing. One suggestion, after you recommend a stock ( Mojo Stocks) after a given period, pl suggest us to book profits or losses.
Rama Raju
Sir, I feel very happy to be a member of MOJO and to received the updated reports on Buy/sell/Hold stocks. Sir, You have been sending the weekly report indicating the changes made to the portfolio. Is there any possibility to send the information of change in the portfolio/recommended stocks to the mails of membes, so that they can act on them
Lakshman Rao
Congrats .@Marketsmojo for the new features' additions. Loving the changes. Great job ! If you add timeline for holding with expected returns, it will become a cult rather than a site. #Kudos
Proud of Indian Team
Awesome. Guys you doing a fabulous job, Great Teamwork. I just would like to say "WOW". Really great job. Power of Technology and Great "UI". Just keep rocking.
Ravi Kiran
Hi Market Mojo Team, You r doing wonderful job by providing valuable and upto date information related to stocks and stock market. My request is to add one more filter in the results where i could see results declared/forthcoming results only for the stocks i hold in my portfolio. This way it will be more focused and easy for the user to track the results for the stocks they own.
I want to review my stocks, I have purchase all of the stocks as per suggestions of mojo only and I am very much happy with the performance.
Ghanshyam Hule
Let me first acknowledge the service that you are providing, with recent additions of Switcher & Verdict, you have enhanced the usefulness of the portal.
Harshad Kale