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We have generated multibagger after multibagger for the last 5 years now

  • We will give you top stocks through out the year

    Only around 1% of all stocks can qualify in our top stock basket

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Filters

    Along with a high stock rating the stocks also have to be approved by our Investment Committee to ensure only the best stocks qualify

  • Best Stocks in Large Cap to Micro Cap Segments​

    Get the best stocks in all market cap categories and the top-rated stocks across the market

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Highly Rated Stocks are picked from across the Market to form our Top Mojo Stocks

Get Advisory on all stocks with in-depth real time Verdict and Switcher Reports

1 Best Investment Idea each month hand picked by our CIO with a detailed investment case

Powerful Screener to combine Mojo Parameters with your own to find stocks which match your Investment Style

TRADING 80 – Our Success Stories

Trading80 is our most popular and sought-after service. Our data is monitored on a real-time basis and new calls and change in existing calls will be live- streamed directly to your desktop and mobile screens. We also send you email and mobile notifications to keep you updated on the go.



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What Our Clients Say About Us

@Marketsmojo excellent foundation for retail Investors who don't have technical knowledge, and time for research. Just put your money on top 10 mojo stocks, returns will follow. Thanks @Marketsmojo have built my portfolio on your recommendations only.
Rahul Kothari
I must admit @Marketsmojo parameters of recommending stocks are highly efficient in terms of gains (short or long both) .The portfolio optimiser does wonders for a long term investor. Quality of a company is little tricky to judge but they do it for you. Quite impressive @Braveant
Sameer Goel
Hey @Marketsmojo...Thanks a ton ..super liked the newly launched Verdict functionality ...please keep growing on such strengths to add value to your customers.
Turtle Investing & Breakout Trading
@Marketsmojo your model portfolio is amazing.. extremely satisfied with your services.
Bhavesh Thakker
I have become a member recently for 3 years and enjoying the quality and unbiased recommendations and analysis you are providing. One suggestion, after you recommend a stock ( Mojo Stocks) after a given period, pl suggest us to book profits or losses.
Rama Raju
Sir, I feel very happy to be a member of MOJO and to received the updated reports on Buy/sell/Hold stocks. Sir, You have been sending the weekly report indicating the changes made to the portfolio. Is there any possibility to send the information of change in the portfolio/recommended stocks to the mails of membes, so that they can act on them
Lakshman Rao
Congrats .@Marketsmojo for the new features' additions. Loving the changes. Great job ! If you add timeline for holding with expected returns, it will become a cult rather than a site. #Kudos
Proud of Indian Team
Awesome. Guys you doing a fabulous job, Great Teamwork. I just would like to say "WOW". Really great job. Power of Technology and Great "UI". Just keep rocking.
Ravi Kiran
Hi Market Mojo Team, You r doing wonderful job by providing valuable and upto date information related to stocks and stock market. My request is to add one more filter in the results where i could see results declared/forthcoming results only for the stocks i hold in my portfolio. This way it will be more focused and easy for the user to track the results for the stocks they own.
I want to review my stocks, I have purchase all of the stocks as per suggestions of mojo only and I am very much happy with the performance.
Ghanshyam Hule
Let me first acknowledge the service that you are providing, with recent additions of Switcher & Verdict, you have enhanced the usefulness of the portal.
Harshad Kale