Stock of the Month

One stock, every month. Simple!

The most important question for every investor is - give me just one good stock every month to invest and track it for me. With Stock of the Month, we do just that! Stock of the Month is a carefully chosen stock that goes through layers of algorithms and is finally approved by our Investment Committee.

How we choose Stock of the Month
  • We look among the highly rated stocks across the Mojo platform to start our selection process.
  • From there we arrive at that one stock, which is the recommended Stock for the Month across fundamental growth and technical parameters.
  • Our Investment team does a thorough qualitative assessment, beyond just the numbers and generates a detailed research report and investment rationale.
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By Invitation
Stock of the Week

Best Stock from among all the strategies- revealed each week

  • Stock Research

    Get Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations on all listed stocks backed by deep data driven research

  • Stock of the Month

    One Stock hand picked by our Investment Committee every month

  • Mojo Stocks

    Top Rated Stocks across the investing universe

  • Model Portfolio

    Follow a disciplined Model Portfolio approach and get instant updates on rebalancing

  • Mutual Fund Research

    Research across the Mutual Fund universe to find top rated funds backed by deep data driven research

  • Portfolio Optimizer

    We will monitor your stocks 24/7 and give buy/sell/trim calls to strengthen your holdings

  • Research Reports

    The world's first real-time research report on any stock

  • Trading Calls

    Weekly and Monthly Trading positional calls

  • Hidden Turnarounds

    Find them early and invest before they become phenomenal stocks!

  • MomentumNow Stocks

    Catch best Momentum stocks in any market phase

  • Reliable Performers

    Companies showing best in class growth

Mojo Professional Bundle

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Mojo One

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