Process Disclosure

Stock Call Change

We already update you via email and notification when the Mojo Call on any of your portfolio or watchlist changes. This is done for all our clients at the same time. For example, if a stock you holds moves from Buy to Hold. This communication is triggered when the broader call changes and not when call changes within category. For example, communication will not be triggered when a stock moves from Buy to Strong Buy or Sell to Strong Sell and vice versa.

We have also put a cooling off period so if the call on the stock changes, it will remain in the category for atleast 5 working days. This would not apply to changes related to results (Financial Trend or Quality) or in case of extreme price movement. This change has been made to remove the fluctuations in call when a stock score is very near to threshold and daily price ups and downs can impact the stock call.

Mojo Stock Updates

Stock’s enter and exit the Mojo Stocks list in the evening on trading days, post market hours. We use the latest available prices at that point of time to affect this change, so the end of the day price is used as the entry or exit price from the list. We send out notification mention this change the next morning before market hours. The next morning stocks may open higher or lower than last day’s close price depending on various factors where do not have any control like global indices, sector movement, sentiment etc.

We follow the methodology of using day end prices consistently in Mojo Stocks Changes.