Why Model Portfolio
Big Data Analysis
Big Data Analysis processing more than 500 data points on each company daily

Each listed company is graded on 4 Key Mojo Parameters of

  • Quality: Long Term Fundamental Strength
  • Valuation: Attractiveness of stock at current price
  • Financial Trend: Latest Quarterly Result Performance
  • Technicals: Price and Volume Trend

After the refining process of Mojo Analysis, the Investment committee takes a call on each stock which is added or removed from the Model Portfolio List

Top stocks at the time of investment

Model portfolio will be generated based on the top stocks as per Mojo Strategy at the time of investment

For every user a unique portfolio will be generated within seconds basis his

  • Timing of Investment
  • Amount of Investment
  • Unique Daily portfolio does not mean there is churn every day
  • A stock will be churned only if its own parameters deteriorate
Unbiased Portfolio Creation

Being an automated process we avoid the biggest Investment Trap- Human Biases

We follow a Disciplined & Process-driven approach which does not allow biases to creep in to the investing process

Clients should follow the process diligently to achieve the intended returns

24X7 Monitoring

MarketsMojo’s analysis engine runs 24x7 and monitors the developments in the portfolio stocks and other stocks in the market

If a portfolio action needs to be taken it is sent across to all clients for which it would affect

Monitoring so many data points is not humanly possible

Diversified Strategy

Strategy aims to create a 10 stock equally allocated portfolio which is diversified across

  • Market Cap Categories
  • Sectors concentration
  • Stock concentration
Market Beating Returns

Long Term Market Beating Returns (Back-tested)

Portfolio Returns*


BSE 500*


Top 3 Diversified MF^


*Annualised returns between Oct 2014 and Dec 2019

^5 year annualised returns.

Back-tested returns between April 2014 and October 2018. Since October 2018 the returns are actual.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

{{advices.total_stocks}} Stocks

{{advices.total_ind}} Sectors

{{advices.highest.ind.allocation|INR:2}}% to Highest Sector - {{advices.highest.ind.name}}

{{advices.highest.quality.allocation|INR:2}}% of Portfolio has Excellent or Good Quality

{{advices.highest.fin.allocation|INR:2}}% of Portfolio has Positive or Better Financial Trend

{{advices.highest.tech.allocation|INR:2}}% of Portfolio has Mildly Bullish or Better Techncial Trend

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Min. Inv. Rs 1,00,000 & Max. Inv. Rs 1,00,00,000

Stock Quantity Value Allocation
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How does this work?
  • Enter the amount you wish to Invest
  • Save the Model Portfolio generated
  • As soon as you save it we start tracking the portfolio
  • Whenever a change is to be made in the portfolio we will notify you via email and app notification
  • Since we are not a broker you will need to execute all trades yourself
  • We will keep updating your saved Model Portfolio based on the changes suggested
  • You can always create a new Model Portfolio and stop tracking the earlier one