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Invest in our Stock of the month – 1st out of 4000 stocks, handpicked every month

Previous Stock Of the Month Reports

Date: Oct 21

Call Status: Open

Performance: -0.06%

Date: Sep 21

Name: Grasim Industries Limited

Call Status: Open

Performance: 7.77%

Date: Aug 21

Name: Hindalco Industries Limited

Call Status: Open

Performance: 22.41%

Date: Jul 21

Name: Motilal Oswal Financial Services

Call Status: Open

Performance: -7.82%

Date: Jun 21

Name: Lux Industries Limited

Call Status: Open

Performance: 11.10%

Date: May 21

Name: Laurus Labs Limited

Call Status: Closed

Performance: 29.96%

Date: Apr 21

Name: Vaibhav Global Limited

Call Status: Closed

Performance: -6.33%

Date: Mar 21

Name: Orient Electric Limited

Call Status: Open

Performance: 15.84%

Date: Feb 21

Name: Sequent Scientific Limited

Call Status: Closed

Performance: 13.01%

Date: Jan 21

Name: HCL Technologies

Call Status: Open

Performance: 23.87%

Date: Dec 20

Name: EID Parry (India)

Call Status: Open

Performance: 43.74%

Date: Nov 20

Name: Escorts

Call Status: Open

Performance: 10.66%

Date: Oct 20

Name: TCS

Call Status: Open

Performance: 29.12%

Date: Sep 20

Name: Divis Laboratories

Call Status: Open

Performance: 64.69%

Date: Aug 20

Name: Tata Consumer Products

Call Status: Closed

Performance: 57.12%

Date: Jul 20

Name: Balkrishna Industries

Call Status: Closed

Performance: 22.31%

Date: Jun 20

Name: Coromandel Intl.

Call Status: Closed

Performance: 12.77%

Date: May 20

Name: Alembic Pharma

Call Status: Closed

Performance: 17.12%

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The most important question for every investor is- Give me just one good stock every month to invest and track it for me. Here we just give you the strongest stock for the month you can invest, out of the overall market. It’s a carefully chosen stock which goes through layers of Algorithms as well as our Investment Committee approval.

  • We look at Top-1% stocks to start our selection process
  • This give us around 35-40 great stocks to start with
  • From there we reach to only 1 stock, which is the strongest stock for the month across parameters of fundamental growth and technical parameters


The majority of the work is done by our stock scores, but after that, we still have around 50 stocks as BUY. But we know you can’t invest in 50 stocks, so we do the toughest job to reach to just one stock every month. The process we follow-

  • Shortlisting basis our top Mojo Scores
  • Doing detailed Investment Case
  • Looking at the future of this company and sector
  • Single focus on maximizing returns with minimal risk

What you get every month is one stock and our detailed report of why you should invest in it.


Sign up for this section – Click on get started anywhere on this page to start getting one stock to buy every month.

Your report will arrive by 10th of every month - We will ensure timely delivery of this report so you can plan your investments.

We will tell you when to sell – If the investment case of the company changes, we will tell you when to sell this stock so you can book your money and invest in the next idea.

In total 12 reports a year and Buy & Sell advice - You will get a total of 12 stocks a year, one every month. We will also tell you when to sell and what to buy next.


Stock Score - For ALL listed stocks

Model Portfolios - Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive

Portfolio Optimization - Whatever current portfolio you have, we advise

Mojo Stocks - Top stocks where you won’t go wrong irrespective of which market cycle it is

Screeners - Find top stocks with your filters

Stock of the month - Handpicked investment ideas by our CIO every month

Verdict - REAL time research on ALL stocks

SwitchER - Switch to better stocks