FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
What are the services offered as part of the Mojo Professional package?
  • Stock Score – We give a Buy/Sell/Hold call across all 4,000 stocks to help you make better investment choices.
  • Mojo Stocks - Mojo Stocks are the highest-rated stocks per MarketsMojo's methodology.
  • Screeners – Identify the stocks that are best suited for your investment style.
  • Verdict – Real-time research on All stocks
  • Stock of the Month – Handpicked stock ideas from our CIO once a month.
Is MarketsMojo a broker? And does MarketsMojo give stock recommendations with Target Price and Time Frame?
  • MarketsMojo is a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor, providing active recommendations on all listed stocks for its subscribers.
  • MarketsMojo is not a broker, or a mutual fund. We do not manage money directly under any demat mandate. Our IP is based on fundamental analysis and renders its recommendations as a stock score. However, it doesn’t give any target price or time frame for its recommendations since stock scores can change in real time.
What types of packages are offered by Marketsmojo?
  • Click here to find out about the subscription plans.
What are the MarketsMojo parameters?
  • At MarketsMojo, we crystallize the entire analysis and club them under Long-Term Drivers (Quality, Valuation) and Near-Term drivers (Financial Trend, Technicals)
Long-term drivers - quality
  • Quality signifies the long-term financial performance of the company.
  • Our basic assumption is that high quality translates into the company's strong and consistent long-term financial performance.
  • Our methodology uses multiple long-term data points across business and management quality and considers factors like growth, efficiency and capital structure.
  • We have seen a high correlation between a company's quality and long-term stock price performance.
Factors analyzed: Multiple long-term factors across:
  • Growth: Sales, Profit and Operating Profit.
  • Capital Structure: Debt to Equity, Debt to EBIDTA, Interest Coverage, Sales to Capital Employed.
  • Management Quality: ROCE/ROE, Pledged Shares, Institutional Holding, Related Party Transactions, Operating CF to Profits, Tax Ratio etc.
Long-term drivers - Valuation
  • Valuation signifies the attractiveness of the company's share at its current stock price.
  • A good company trading at expensive multiples may not yield the desired returns for your investment. Hence, looking at valuation becomes very important.
  • To analyze valuation, we look at the company's historical and relative multiples to market and industry.
  • We have looked at many variables, including asset-based valuations, to make the measure more stable and meaningful.
Assessing valuation:
  • We create a dynamic non-linear regression model to consider the ideal price multiple the company should be trading based on its fundamentals, sectors, and debt and compare it with the current stock multiples.
  • We also compare the premium or discount the company traded in the past to see if the current multiples can be justified.
Near-term driver - Financial trend
  • Financial trend measures the company's near-term financial performance over the last few quarters.
  • Our methodology runs big data analysis on multiple parameters across financial results, including quarterly results, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements and shareholding patterns.
  • We have seen a strong correlation between companies' financial trends and stock price movements.
Assessing financial trends:
  • This comprehensive measure looks at the trend of financial parameters primarily over the last few quarters.
  • Every parameter has a threshold and a unique score attached to it.
  • The higher the financial trend score, the better it is.
Near-term driver - Technicals
  • We have created a technical indicator which captures the momentum in stock price and volume.
  • The indicator includes a combination of parameters like Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, Dow Theory etc.
  • We have found that using this indicator along with a positive financial trend helps improve portfolio performance.
What is the time frame for Mojo indicators to be updated?
  • Quality is monitored constantly and updated with new results
  • Valuation is updated daily
  • Technical is updated daily
  • Financial trends are updated as and when quarterly results are declared
For Valuation, why is it that sometimes a company with low PE is shown as expensive, and a company with high PE in the same sector is shown as attractive at current price levels?
  • To measure valuation, we link the company's valuation multiples with its fundamental performance. We believe that companies with better fundamentals should trade at higher multiples. We use a regression model to determine the ideal valuation multiple a company should trade based on its fundamentals adjusting for efficiency, growth and debt. We also adjust this for the company's sector. After this, we compare the ideal multiple with the actual multiple to determine whether it is attractive or expensive at this level. Please read the blog below where we have detailed our methodology for valuing banks – https://www.marketsmojo.com/blog/mojo-exclusive/a-method-in-madness-540.html
What are Mojo Stocks?
  • Mojo Stocks are the list of stocks that rank high across Mojo parameters. Stocks in different market cap categories with the highest stock score and a Buy or Strong Buy rating qualify as Mojo Stocks.
Is any subjective/qualitative manual intervention included in Mojo parameters and analysis?
  • We are a quantitative research site; hence, the analysis you see on our site is based on reported numbers by the company and not on subjective assessment. We feel that wherever subjectivity comes in, so does human bias. Besides, working with forward-looking estimates brings subjectivity and prejudice to the analysis. While focusing on numbers, we may miss a few opportunities, but we will be sure of the ones we spot.
Does MarketsMojo provide live price feeds?
  • We display near-live price feeds on the website. You can see the price update time on stock pages in the top right corner. The difference usually is within 1 minute.
What Is MarketsMojo Portfolio Analyzer?
  • Our Portfolio Analyzer evaluates every hidden opportunity and risk in your portfolio and tells you what you should be doing rather than what you should be just tracking. Your portfolio will go through our test of 300 formulations, which finally results in 7 dots to spot every risk and return opportunity that otherwise may be hidden or stopping the growth of your investments. Our 7-Dot Portfolio Analysis includes Returns, Risk, Liquidity, Diversification, Quality, Valuation, Financial Trend.
Who owns MarketsMojo.com ?
  • MarketsMojo.com is an independent equity research website launched as a big data analysis-based financial investment platform offering full coverage and unbiased information to investors across all listed companies. It was established on 5th June 2016 by our founders Dr. Mohit Batra & Mr. Joyson Thomas. The current Chairman and Mentor of the company is Mr. Haresh Chawla, Partner True North and Ex-Group CEO of Network 18.