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Price Band
Rs. 270 T0 Rs. 285​​​
IKIO Lighting is going public with a Fresh issue and an Offer for Sale. The issue opens on 6th June 2023.

Objective of the Issue


Fresh Issue – Rs.350cr & Offer for Sale Rs.257cr

Funds received from the Offer for Sale will not be used by the firm

Repayment/prepayment, in full or part, of certain borrowings availed by the Company and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis

Investment in its wholly-owned subsidiary, IKIO Solutions Private Limited, for setting up a new facility at Noida, Uttar Pradesh

General corporate purposes.

List of Shareholders Selling Their Stake

Name Type Number of Equity Shares
for OFS
% of Total
Offerings (OFS)
Hardeep Singh Promoter​ 6,000,000​ 67%​
Surmeet Kaur​​​​ Promoter​​ 3,000,000 ​ 33%​

Business Operations

About Company

IKIO Lighting is an LED lighting solutions manufacturer. They are an original design manufacturer because they design, develop, manufacture, and supply products to clients who resell them under their own brand names.

Their products include: LED Lighting ​,Refrigeration Lights,ABS Piping​

IKIO also collaborates with customers by creating products based on their designs.

The top ten customers contributed 86% of total revenue, while the top twenty customers contributed 91%.

Revenue Breakdown by segment:
Products 9MFY23​​ FY 22​ FY 21​ FY 20​
LED Lighting​​ 91%​​​ 92%​ 94%​ 96%​
Refrigeration Lights​​ 2%​​​ 0%​ 0%​ 0%​
ABS Piping​ 0% 1% 0% 0%
Other Products​​ 7%​ 7% 6%​ 4%


Financial Overview

In 9 months till December 2022, the company reported a revenue of Rs. 243 crore and a net profit of Rs. 35 crore.

In FY22, the company reported a revenue of Rs. 221 crore as compared to Rs. 160 crore in FY21.

​The company reported a net profit of Rs 28 crore in FY2022 compared to Rs 21 crore, a growth of 33 percent.

In FY22, the company reported a RONW of 36.64%, down from 42.60% in FY21 and 57.84% in FY20.

Financial Performance (Rs/crore)

Rs./Crs​ 9MFY23​​​ FY 22​​ FY 21​ FY 20​
Sales 243 221 160​ 141
Net Profit​ 35 28 21​ 16​
Net Profit​ Margin 14% 13%​​ 13%​ 11%​